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Keith lives in the Cotswolds and has been involved with dogs for over 10 years both personally and professionally. He found great personal satisfaction when he helped his partner’s Golden retriever Max overcome his nervous aggression and chasing problems. Following this success he studied dog psychology and many different behavioural systems and training methods from old to new to gain a greater depth of understanding.

One of the consequences of an incident such as a fight or chasing is that the dog owner often loses confidence with their dogs. Realising that this was a common problem he started his socialisation walks specifically aimed at nervous dogs and owners, which proved very successful.

Starting Cotswold Pet Services in 2009 Keith’s goal was to provide a different kind of training bringing together obedience, behaviour, diet and above all owner understanding and confidence.

Deriving great satisfaction from helping others Keith has worked with many owners to help them enjoy a happier relationship with their dogs through education and understanding. He aims to show people why their dog is behaving a particular way and what changes can to be made to make things better in the long term.

Keith implements a variety of training techniques based on positive reinforcement and understanding of each particular dog.

Special areas of expertise include recall and chasing, a common problem encountered in the Cotswolds with its high levels of sheep farming and game keeping. He has recently released a short booklet entitled “ Dog recall for Beginners” containing useful tips to help with training recall.

Training classes cover basic puppy training through to gun dog and field trial work, including behaviour advice and dietary guidance.

Keith has steadily built a loyal following and great reputation with his kind, gentle approach and genuine concern for dogs and owners. He has his own training fields in the Cotswolds but also travels throughout the surrounding area offering home visits.

One area of particular interest is the effect of diet and drugs on a dogs behaviour. Keith believes in following Natural rearing methods which advocate a natural diet and natural treatments where possible, thus preventing health and behaviour problems before they occur. Owners are often unaware of what a dog should or shouldn’t eat and that feeding the correct way does not automatically mean expensive.

He currently owns Skye his springer spaniel who he works on various local shoots and uses in some of his behavioural work. Skye is also being trained in Search & Rescue another area of interest which involves finding missing people in a variety of situations.

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