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Colin Tennant MA - West Midlands and Birmingham

Colin Tennant MA FCFBA Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour & Psychology (Chairman) Expert Witness in Criminal & Civil law Throughout the UK Colin specialises in the Dangerous Dogs Act. He is an Ex-Police Officer and is trained in witness statement compilation, evidence delivery, interview techniques. He is an expert in dog behaviour, training and people’s relationships with their dogs. He has thirty five years experience in this discipline.

01327 264282



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Colin Spender BA(Hons) - South West England

Colin Spender MCFBA Colin has 30 years’ experience as a police officer with 26 of these on the dog section training dogs and handlers (now retired). Colin is an Expert witness for Dangerous Dog matters in particular dangerous dog legislation, he works on both criminal and civil court cases as an expert and is one of the few recognised experts in breed specific dog law as an accredited Dog Legislation Officer (DLO). Colin is also an accredited police dog instructor attaining a Higher Diploma in Police Dog Instruction (H Dip PDI) along with an BA Hons in Canine Behaviour, Training & Psychology. He can assess dogs of ‘type’ and behavioural problem dogs.

07966 723699




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Shaun Hesmondhalgh - North West England

Shaun Hesmondhalgh MFCBA – is a Provisional Member of the Expert Witness Institute supporting legal counsel, police and the judiciary in complex cases involving dogs and dog behaviour, whilst specialising in Dangerous Dog Legislation. Previously a Service Police Dog Handler, a Crime Manager, and Criminal Investigator holding the highest national accreditations in investigative interviewing. Disclosure trained and understands the needs and demands of serious and complex legal cases whilst possessing a proven track record of managing multi-investigation files. Highly experienced in presenting detailed and nuanced information to specialist and lay audiences alike, and understands overriding duty to the court. Shaun can support major investigations as an experienced professional in the specialist field of dog behaviour and alleged offences contrary to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

07917 203363



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Dr. David Sands - North West & East England

Dr David Sands FCFBA can assess dogs for temperament and, if required and appropriate, provide expert reports and film evidence in order to defend owners in both Magistrate and High court cases. Assessments are made both in home and walk environments or in secure compounds. David has twenty years of court experience and has acted as an expert witness following instructions by clients, legal practice, the police and courts.

01257 249960



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Rachel Bean VN - North West England

Rachel Bean MCFBA VN North West. Rachel is a trainer animal veterinary nurse with 20 years service. Any medical matter on dog law she can act upon and especially where it relates to behaviour.

07788 956164



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Sue Gilmore MA BSc(Hons) - London and South East England

Sue Gilmore MCFBA runs The Canine Training and Behaviour Centre (Essex Dog Academy) specialising in dog behaviour modification. She is qualified in Dog Law with the CIDBT and is an expert witness accredited by the CFBA. She works in the court system as an expert witness specialising in the Dangerous Dogs Act and related legislation. Her work covers a range of cases in relation to breed identity and dog temperament assessments.

07867 988711



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Lez Graham MA - Scotland

Lez Graham FCFBA is Fellow of the CFBA and holds an MA with Distinction in Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. Lez is able to provide expert witness testimony on your dog’s character by temperament testing in its current environment, providing a detailed report as commissioned by solicitors and agencies such as Social Services for use in a court of law.

07927 420049



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Derek Williams - North Wales & North West England

Derek Williams MCFBA Derek served 25 years with the Cheshire Constabulary and as a dog handler. He works in all aspects of Canine Law and is a temperament assessor. He advises the RSPCA and other organisations on dog welfare.

08448 779099



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Dog Law and Witness’s

An expert witness is an individual who possesses specialised knowledge through skill, education, training, or experience beyond that of the ordinary person or juror, and whose knowledge will aid the triers of fact (jury, judge, arbitrator) in reaching a proper decision.

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The CFBA has some of the most experienced dog experts in the United Kingdom. Below is a list of our experts and the areas in which they specialise.

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Dog Expert Witness - Solicitor Information