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Colin has trained dogs and developed methods to improve their behaviour for 30 years. He holds a Masters Degree (Professional Practice) Canine Behaviour & Psychology.

Ex Home Office Police Dog Handler trained. Secretary to the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council. Colin Tennant is Britain's leading expert in dog and cat behaviour, he has pioneered the psychological approach to solving problem pet behaviour for over 30 years and in front line work.

He frequently appears on television as an pet expert and was the first British practitioner to write comprehensibly on the human and pet psychology/relationships. This knowledge was converted to education videos. He travels throughout the world lecturing on pet behaviour. He has studied Wolf and Dog Behaviour which he has used to great benefit in dog wolf correlations where applicable - this is field led study with wolves and he has an extensive film library of wolf behaviour footage. Colin Has qualified and won in Britain’s top UK Kennel Club competitions. He is the original pioneer in filming pet behaviour and relationships between people and their pets. These DVDs have are used throughout the world by colleges, university's to MA Degree level. His output is remarkable and varied in all it encompasses. As an ex-Police Officer Colin is used by lawyers throughout Britain to opinionate on dogs for the prosecution or defence. His work has expanded year on year due the introduction of the Dangerous Dog Act.

Colin has trained dogs and developed original dog behaviour methods to improve and or manage problem dog behaviour.

Dog Behaviour Centre

In 1981 he set up Britain's first specifically designed Dog and Cat Behaviour Centre in Hertfordshire, he understood that environment and light specifically helped settle fear driven dogs more quickly and set out to design a consultation environment to ameliorate the situation. He has gained much experience with dogs, advising on a diverse range of behavioural problems and showing owners how to gain control. His innovative work includes the time release food through the KFTR - Kong Food Time Release for Anxiety and other issues. EFTD - Exclusive Food Training Delivery has especially been successful for dog phobias and recall, in addition the DTP - Dog Training Profile system assessed through colour coding used for rapid behaviour assessment in dog training clubs. HRP - Hook Restriction Programme (a calming and control programme he developed more than twenty years ago) and finally ILP - Intelligent Leadership Programme delivered in many thousands of dog behaviour and training issues to date worldwide.

Criminal & Civil UK Law Expert Witness

Colin is a qualified expert witness to the Law Profession and regularly proffers expert advice in civil and criminal cases relating to Dogs & Cats. He is a expert witness in many cases at Crown Court level and moreover who can write evidence and prepare court documentation to the highest standard and according to the Police & Crown Prosecution Service evidence rules.

The Dangerous Dogs act is the most common reason for others to call upon his skills in Britain, though he works in a variety of criminal law cases like the noise abatements act.

Rapid Response Behaviour Courses

Colin operated, devised, wrote and delivered dog behaviour workshops and was the first in Britain to develop film led psychology including real client case studies discussing common problem dog behaviour and solutions. He noted that most courses in the UK especially in dog behaviour were operated by theorists with little practical skills and virtually no practical workshops because the academic theorist could not manage the very subject they were pontificating about - difficult dogs. Colin’s courses were the forerunners of the Middlesex University modules developed today and offering the high standards of dog behaviour work.

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

The CIDBT was developed by Ross McCarthy and and Colin Tennant. Colin wrote and developed 12 new pet education courses for the CIDBT, some of which were: Pet Home Sitting & Dog Walking Certificate, National Pet Home Sitting and Dog Walking Certificate, Kennel Management, Care & Business Certificate. Also four level five university modules in dog aggression and general behaviour problems.

Television Appearances as a consultant

BBC News, BBC News channel, BBC 1 - 4 x 4 Reports, BBC 1 - Lowrie, BBC 1 - Value for Money, BBC 1 - Body Matters, BBC 1 - Kilroy, Channel 4 - Absolutely Animals, Channel 4 - Pets and People, ITV The Pet Game, Channel 4 - Britain’s Top Dog (8 programmes), ITV - Body Matters, The Vanessa Show - Channel Five, PBS in the USA.Radio Appearances as a Consultant BBC Radio 4 - Origins of the Dog, BBC Radio 4 - Woman’s Hour, BBC Three Counties - Multiple appearances. Director and Producer of Television Productions Understanding Cats with Roger Tabor for BBC Television, The traditions of Christmas with Roger Tabor for BBC Television, The Mill’s Life with Roger Tabor for BBC Television.

Pet Consultant in dog training & behaviour to:

Tesco, Pedigree Pet Foods, EMAP Pursuit Publishing, Nature Diet Health Foods, Pet Marketing Product Magazine, The Walt Disney Company, Dorling Kindersley Photographic Work, Various scenarios of dogs doing what they do have been set up by Colin for many magazines and and books. Colin has provided photographs for Dorling Kindersley, Interpet and many magazines. Magazine Contributions Pet Plan - Pets and people quarterly magazine Pet Product Marketing Magazine (PPM)Dogs Monthly Dog and Pups (India’s biggest pet magazine)Dogs Nigeria Lagos, behaviour training writer Independent on Sunday Tatler Magazine Feature writer with the media stars & clients Woman’s Realm Feature writer for pet psychology and behaviour Cat World Feature writer Your Dog Magazine Your Cat Magazine British Kennel Gazette Feature writer Pet Dogs Magazine Chief Animal Behaviourist & Feature Writer British Kennel Gazette feature writer on international pet dogs Mad About Dogs Gazette feature writer on international pet dogs Our Dogs, Our Cats

Dog Books written by Colin

Breaking bad Habits for Dogs Published 2003 in seven languages, 21 days to Train Your Dog Published 2004 in twelve languages, Dog Behaviour & Training Encyclopaedia Published in USA and UK.

DVDs and Videos by Colin

Originally developed with the name Dogs on Film, then with the introduction cats, rodents and fish the name was changed to Bowe Tennant Productions, then in 2000 it was changed to Pets on Film.

Other he has also directed, filmed and produced Internet information films currently on line at the CIDBT web site. He has also made a further twenty six short films for Crufts, EMAP Pursuit. Colin has observed and filmed African wildlife, he’s filmed in Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya over a four year period.The varied wild life filmed includes big cats, the footage of which is now being incorporated into more Pets on Film DVDs.

These DVDs will be used for students to make comparisons between wildlife cats and their domestic counterparts. Colin Has also trained dogs for more than fifty television programmes, he’s been a trainer and advisor in films and commercials for companies including British Airways, General Motors, Epson Computers, Pedigree (Mars), Marks and Spencer, RSPCA - PDSA, BBC Television programmes: Grange Hill, Eastenders, Comedy Store, 4 x 4, Windmill, Body Matters, Value for Money, Kilroy, Lowrie, Dog Matters, Interpet (Mikki Videos), Twentieth Century Fox - Dr. Dolittle, Channel Four Films - Wish You Were Here, Romanian Television, Chinese Television, Hungarian Television, Japanese Television, Lebanese Television, Cyprus Television.

Canine & Feline Behaviour Association

Colin is the co founder and chairman of the CFBA. He has advised the National Dog Defence League, RSPCA and many dog authorities and charities.

Cheshire Police Dog Section

Colin served in the Cheshire Police Dog Section where he qualified as a dog handler on a Government Home Office approved course. Whilst there he did trials work, search and criminal training and gave lectures.

The Pet Show by Barker Brown

Colin was the behaviourist for the Pet Show at Earls Court in London. He lectured on behaviour and answered questions from the public on dog problems and obedience training. The Pet Show was organised by Barker Brown who also operate the Clothes Show as seen on BBC television.

Human Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Because of the incidents of aggression, pet loss, and similar inter human and dog relationships; Colin studied counselling and hypnotherapy at the UK College of Complimentary Health Studies in London. The hypnotherapy skills he learnt are to assist children who have been attacked by dogs to overcome their phobias and fears.

Dog Breeding

In his Hertfordshire kennels Colin has bred German Shepherd dogs for many years. During his career beginning in the 1970s, he has also bred Corgis, Border Collies, Great Danes and Irish Wolf Hounds. He also acts as an assessor of breed temperament for prospective clients. Breeds Bred and cared for: GSD, Doberman, Rottweilers, Corgis, Great Danes, Sheep Dogs, Border Collie and Irish Wolf Hounds.

Dog Work Abroad

Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Greece, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Spain, Eire and Cyprus.

Dog Working Trials

The British Kennel Club operates working trials and obedience competitions. Colin has competed and qualified at the following Dog Training levels and as authorised by the Kennel Club Rules in the UK. CD Companion Dog, WD Working Dog, UD Utility Dog, TD Tracking Dog, PD Police Inter Trials.

Dog Obedience Competitions

Beginners Novice Obedience Test, A & B Police Trials, Cheshire Constabulary Home Office Police Dog Course

Colin Tennant MA FCFBA Dog Behaviourist